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“Do whatever it takes to get the Miller Brothers to come to your school or event…” – Erin Wickstrom, Auburn School District Librarian

WARNING: Our passion for writing and reading is extremely contagious. If a parent does not want their child to start gobbling up books, please inform them to keep their children home on the day of our visit.

Imagine Your Students PUMPED UP About Writing Their Own Books!

Sound crazy? It’s not, we’ve seen it happen in dozens of schools over the years. Through the art of story we teach children about living their dreams, about never giving up, about facing their fears and through it all we introduce them to a world a reading in ways they’ve never before experienced. Stories have a way of making our imaginations soar. Everyone loves a great tale—even that kid in the back row with arms crossed. What we do is awaken your students desire to read stories (instead of just watching them) through our unique, extremely interactive assemblies.  And they start reading! All the time!

But getting them to read is only HALF of our goal. We come with a strategy to unleash the storyteller lurking within each of your students. We believe everyone has a story to tell. When kids meet real-life authors and learn first-hand the secret ingredients to great storytelling a spark of inspiration will be ignited. Suddenly, the impossible will seem possible and they will start believing that maybe they too could be authors one day. The joy of writing is one of the greatest gifts we leave behind.

Here’s What to Expect When We Visit Your School

We kick-off every assembly with a quirky, humor-filled, skit that illustrates the power of Story. Yes it’s silly. Funny. Entertaining. But in it we reveal our personal story of growing up in a family-run bookstore, we share about the books and authors that sparked our imaginations and children and about the “dragon” we slayed on the way to becoming published authors and illustrators. This is the stuff adventures are made of. We conclude each assembly with 10-15 minutes of question and answers. Now that they know us, we roll up our sleeves and its time for classroom workshops …

There are many to choose from – and many more on the way. You can either leave it to us to choose the right one for each group OR pick and choose to fit your needs. It’s entirely up to you.
Cooking Up a Great Story! (45 min) 
Kids love this workshop! ‘Cause they become authors. Together we craft a collective story during which the children learn the all the ingredients that go into making a truly tasty tale. Aprons, cooking props, and even a little singing all come into play as we turn up the heat on creative writing. (Recommended for Grades 1-5)

Copycat Confidential – Top-Secret Story Formula Revealed! (45 min)

Shhhh…. You didn’t hear this from us, but… “The Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars” and Pixar’s “Cars” have all copied a proven formula for stellar story telling. During this workshop we reveal the shocking truth behind this wide-spread plagiarism plot. Using Pixar’s Cars as an example, we’ll teach students to use their powers of observation to uncover the secret formula that fuels every great story (yes, even our stories!) Not only will the students understand inner workings of story, they’ll master the skills to make their own writing exceptional. (Recommended for Grades 4-8)
Batted, Bound and Bragged – The Making of a Book (30-45 min)
We’re often asked, “How does a book get made?” This workshop gives an interactive, in-depth answer. We walk kids all the way from a book’s infancy—the kernel of an idea—through the stages of turning that idea into a story, submitting it to a published, getting it edited and refined, creating a marketing plan, and getting it on the shelf where it turns to gold! (Or more often pennies!). During this workshop there’s always LOTS of Q & A—which we love. (Recommended for All Grades)
Amazing 3D Art and How It’s Made – (30-45 min)
Who hasn’t watched Toy Story, Shrek or Kung-Fu Panda and wondered “How do they do that?”  As 3D animators, the Miller Brothers have the inside scoop. In fact, they illustrate their books in exactly the same way your student’s favorite movies are made (only without the motion). The mysteries of 3D art are exposed as your kids learn first-hand how the magic comes to life. (Recommended for All Grades)
Presenting Authors: Christopher and Allan Miller (The Miller Brothers)
Travelling From: Auburn, WA
Suggested Audience: Grades 1st-8th
Suggested Honorarium:
– Full Day (Western WA): $500-$1000 – OR – find out about our BETTER THAN FREE fund-raiser.
– Full Day (Outside Western WA): Min. $750 + expenses*
*Flat Fee Available: If your district, school, PTA, or PTO requires a single fee that encompasses all costs:honorarium, travel, lodging, per diem, and transportation, it can be made available upon request. Prices will vary based on travel distance, etc.


Taking home an autographed copy of a book from authors they just spent the day learning from is undeniably one of the most rewarding parts of the memory-making visit. While there is no minimum purchase of books required for a school visit, we do request that schools make books available to students for pre-order prior to the our visit.

There is a ready-to-use flier that your school can print out and send home to parents the week prior. In addition to pre-orders, books should be available for purchase on-site the day of the presentation. A table near the entrance or a common meeting area is preferred. If at all possible, we will stay for up to 1 hour after school dismissal to accommodate day-of purchases and provide that extra one-on-one meeting with students. Additional arrangements can be made in some cases to leave signed books behind for a few days following the event and/or an optional post-event order form can be provided.

Each school will receive a free, signed copy of the latest book the author has written, to be given away to a student during the School Assembly. They will also receive up to 50 posters or bookmarks supporting the latest book that the author has written. Schools are allowed to utilize those items in whatever manner they deem appropriate. 

So, what do you think? Is your school calendar ready for an exciting, ready-made day of learning and inspiration?Great…Let’s Get Started!

Available Books
978-159317-202-2 The Legend of Gid the Kid and the Black Bean Bandits 1st-4th $12.99
978-159317-225-1 The Legend of Ten-Gallon Sam and the Perilous Mine 1st-4th $12.99
978-159317-328-9 Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow 4th-8th $13.99
978-159317-357-9 Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire 4th-8th $13.99
978-159317-400-2 Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends 4th-8th $13.99

Ordering Books for Your School or Library?
For questions on ordering books, please contact Chris at (253) 261-4864, or send an email using the form provided at the top of this page.

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