Pixel and Blot is a web comic strip written and illustrated by authors Christopher & Allan Miller (The Miller Brothers). It follows the humorous antics of Blot, a self-aware blot of ink full of lofty aspirations, and his faithful assistant Pixel, a highly intelligent and loyal robot, as they attempt to take over the world with their yet-to-be-written best selling novel. You can catch their whole story here.

Pixel & Blot 6: Inspiration Strikes Back

Pixel puts his “moment of inspiration” theory to the testRead More »

Pixel & Blot 5: Feeding the Muse

Let the writing begin… almost.Read More »

Pixel & Blot 4: In a Rut

Pixel and Blot must battle every author’s worst enemy.Read More »

Pixel & Blot 3: One Billion Reasons

Pixel questions Blot’s business plan of writing a book.Read More »

Pixel & Blot 2: Title Trouble

Pixel and Blot encounter their first major road block.Read More »

Pixel & Blot - 1: The Book Plot

Blot reveals his plot to take over the world with a book.Read More »

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