New York Dinner and School Visits with the Miller Brothers and Christopher Hopper!

WATERTOWN, NY – Young Adult Fiction authors Christopher & Allan Miller and Christopher Hopper will be dining with fans of their nationally published book series for two nights at CiCi’s Pizza in the Stateway Plaza, Thursday December 8th and Friday December 9th from 6pm to close. It’s all part of the trio’s “Discover the Adventure of Reading & Writing Tour” which includes appearances at local Jefferson County schools, including Indian River, Wiley, and South Jeff, as well as some live radio interviews. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in the fun as the authors celebrate the first series to launch under their new collaborative label “Spearhead Books”.

“Visiting schools and meeting students who have read our books is one of the hidden treasures of being a writer,” says Spearhead Book’s co-founder Christopher Miller. “When you see the light go on in the student’s imagination, that’s the best feeling of all.”

“We wanted to take this experience beyond the class room, too,” says Hopper, speaking of the evening activities at his restaurant on Arsenal Street. “Hosting these nights at CiCi’s is a great way to connect with families and have fun.”

More than just pizza will be for sale at CiCi’s, too; the author’s books, including The Miller Brothers’ CodeBearers series, and Hopper’s newly published trilogy, The White Lion Chronicles, will be available for purchase. PLUS and exclusive sneak peek at art from the Miller Brother’s new book series “Mech Mice” will be on display.

“I’m really stoked about this,” says CiCi’s General Manager Shane Marolf. “I think it’s going to leave a very positive impact with a lot of families.”

Listen to the Event Details here!

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