FREE Books! FREE Books! FREE…Wha?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that we are launching a revolutionary publishing experiment called Spearhead Books in partnership with Christopher Hopper (The White Lion Chronicles) and Wayne Thomas Batson (The Door Within). But what you might not have known, until now, is what exactly is so “revolutionary” about this publishing venture.

For starters, we’re committed to doing things differently. One way we do that is by giving away as many books as possible. To prove it, we present you with the entire White Lion Chronicles (recently re-released with shiny new cover designs by yours truly) without restriction. Not only do we want you to read these books, but we want you to “steal them” – embed them on your blog, Tweet about them, share them on Facebook, read them on your mobile device or pretty much anywhere you have internet access.

Why are we doing this? Because we love readers, and we know our readers love us. We’re willing to bet that by sharing our books FREE OF CHARGE with you,  you’ll be willing to share the links with others or  maybe even go the extra mile to donate $0.99  to the author or (gasp) buy a print copy for your collection at home.

However you read it, we invite you to enjoy our first fruits from Spearhead Books. We are looking forward to giving away more books in the near future.

Happy Reading & Merry Christmas!

Click on a cover to read the book instantly…


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