Ask the Game Developer!

Hey Gamers!

Next Thursday, October 27th, we will be posting a YouTube video interview with the developers of the upcoming Codebearers Game: Kaio Interactive.

But we need to know what questions you want answered!

So far, the questions we’ve come up with are:

“Will this game play on Atari 2600 or Comodore 64?”,

“Is it going to pack as much punch as PacMan?”,

“Can I still play the game if my thumbs are broken?”

Of course, we’re counting on your questions being better than ours – so ask away!

Add a comment to this post with your question before Wednesday, October 26th at 9:00am PST so we can consider using it as part of the interview. Then watch for your questions to be answered on our YouTube channel next week.

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11 comments on “Ask the Game Developer!
  1. Bladebearer says:

    Bladebearer here. So stoked about the new game. Think I’m more excited about the book though. 🙂 I’m a bookworm.

    Here are my questions:
    How much like the new book will the game be like?
    Which characters will you be able to play? Just Hunter or a wide range?
    Will this game be related to the Codebearer Challenges that were on the old site?
    Will there be Thunderbird riding?
    Can it be used on the Wii? (I think being able to do hand-to-hand combat with the Wii would be so epic!!!!!)
    Will Trista and Hope be in it?
    Will we see which girl Hunter likes more? 🙂

    Oh, yeah, Cypher wants to know it there will be a Beta test. He and TTUG are certified Lego Game Beta testers and would love to test out the game.

  2. Walter Foley says:

    Hey so excited about the new book/game and i have a few questions.

    Will it be in the third person view, or like a veiw from above?
    What platforms will the game be realsed on?
    What weapons will you be able to equip in the game?

    that’s all for now, 🙂

  3. Math ew! says:

    I’m Math ew! from the site. I’m incredibly hyped up about the game! You guys have done an awesome job with your progress in the series!

    Here are some of my questions:

    Will there be races using the different creatures? (That would be awesome!)

    Will it be very very action packed with the fighting? (This is needed!!!!)

    Will you be able to play as any codebearer character? (This would put a big plus on the game)

    Will Hunter be able to do the backflips, speed run, etc. like he learned in book 2? (Another big plus!)

    Will you be able to free play and explore Solandria and/or Destiny? (It would make the game last waaaayyyy longer)

    Will you be able to choose if you play as a bad guy or good guy? (That would be awesome!!!)

    Will it come out for Wii? (This is the only game system I have)

    Will you be able to customixe your own Codebearer???? (AWESOME!!!!!)

  4. Mark says:

    I’m a big fan of the book.:)What is the main idea of the game,like,what’s the goal?Are you gonna make it so you have an enemy such as Venotor or,Scelaris? You should put little stands with things that happened in the book.Are you able to chose boy or girl such as Hunter or Trisha?If you encounter a shadow you should be pull out your sword/bow, and go into all-range mode.You should make it for Nintendo GameCube because GameCube discs go to the Wii,so then it’d be less work for you,just making it for GC would let you slide it in the Wii,AND put it in the GC. *u*

  5. Cypher says:

    Cypher here and here are my questions.

    As Blade said is there going to be a beta test?
    What format is the game is it for Pc, wii, Xbox360 or playstation?
    Can you make your own character?
    Is it a MORPG, a MMORPG or a Single player game?
    Are we going to be able to fight the shadow?
    Is there going to be Pizza in the game?
    van you be a bad guy?
    Is it free?
    Will there be races?
    Do you get to ride thunder birds?
    Do you get to fly a air ship?

  6. Math ew! says:

    I have a few more questions 🙂

    Will there be little things you collect throughout the levels as a little side thing?

    Will we be able to browse Hunter’s house?

  7. spencer says:

    What type of game will it be? platformer/puzzle? Fighting? I’m hoping for platformer/puzzle.

  8. spencer says:

    Another question, besides MAC and PC what consoles will it be on?

  9. Zhadow says:

    Hey, It’s Zhadow from the website here.
    As many people have asked when will BETA testing start and how are we able to participate in it?
    What will it be on besides PC and MAC?
    What type of game will it be?
    What would a level look like?
    Will there be fights?
    What creatures can we ride?
    As Cypher asked, are we going to be able to fight the shadow?
    Would we be able to play as any codebearer character?
    Would Hunter be able to do the tricks he masted in book 2?
    Would you be able to free play and explore the shards of Solandria and also Destiny?
    Will you be able to customixe your own Codebearer?
    Thanks for this opportunity to ask these questions.
    vVv Zhadow

  10. Ezra :G says:

    I’m Codebearers #1 Fan!!! My questions are can we play as any character? What consoles will it be released in? What date will it be released? Will we get a free demo for Mac computers? Will it also be an iPod Touch app? Thanx millers!